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I'm very glad to share with you my personal Web Page.

Up Front - Please consider this page, in part, as a sort of "bio" - to try to gain your trust.

Trust - When I ask someone to trust the integrity of some information I might share with them - why 'should' they trust me - especially if it has to do with business, pensions, tax, financial, wellness, banking investment matters, etc? After all, they don't know anything about me - what kind of a person I am - any of my background - my qualifications - my ethics - my principles - nothing. In fact, we are probably total strangers

About Bios - I guess (self-promotional) bios infer that we're supposed to do a little "bragging" about ourselves - without being arrogant or pompous - so that readers will think we are worth their time. I'm also told that a bio should be written in the "third party" perspective.

Well, I hope you'll accept this as being (humbly) written - in the "first person" - by ME! :>)

Bio - In case you care to see my personal story and background info, please => Click Here

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Bottom line, what follows is primarily an "information" page, to tell you something about me, my beliefs and my values. Its purpose is not to try to "sell" you anything here - everything is FREE - no cost.

My main objective, as a professional, is to give you financial and business education, and to share with you some (hopefully useful) information and strategies that will not only help you to develop [largely passive] Online income streams - but also secure yours and your family's economic future, especially in these tough times.

But first, please...

My Core Beliefs
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Health Care Professionals

Over the years, my advisory practice has centered primarily on counseling health care practitioners. I (my wife and I) have a deep respect for those who take a "whole person" approach to their patients' well-being.
Special Website - I created a site strictly for HOLISTIC health care providers - that highly comitted, heart-centered health & wellness provider group - those authentic healers, who my wife and I have always had enormous admiration for. We are very strong advocates (ambassadors) for these critically important professionals.
Safeguarding Incomes - My specific emphasis is on helping them grow their practices, by persuing smart Marketing Strategies and setting up attractive Income Diversifications, given our ailing, and rapidly changing economy.
Enhancing Client Wellness - We also help our clients increase their practice incomes by improving their 'patient' outcomes - from introducing cutting edge wellness enhancements.
We are members of Health Practice Advisory, specializing in helping wellness professionals improve their practice revenues - with less stress - without any large capital investment - for a better lifestyle. We are also members of IAW - the International Academy of Wellness - the National Wellness Institute and the International Wellness Professionals Association. As well, I am personally studying a course to graduate as a CWC (Certified Wellness Coach).
Reality - It is tragic to witness the successful health care professional - who works tirelessly for 30+ years - only to end up either in poor health or with little financially, to show for it.

These professionals are among the hardest working individuals in our society. Often, they take better care of their patients than they do of themselves. Because of their punishing hours, constant government red tape, high taxes, soaring malpractice insurance, poor investment decisions, high divorce rates, maxed out credit cards, etc - many are unable to enjoy enough (well deserved) rest & relaxation with their families.
Solutions - Instead, they usually endure heavy pressures, sometimes depression, or worse, they encounter serious health challenges and/or face burnout. There is a much better way - a way for them to reduce stress, become happier, and more financially secure, in these harsh, uncertain times.


Our world, as we've known it, has changed. Markets have crashed - jobs have disappeared - foreclosures and bankruptcies have soared - industries have been disrupted, and are being remade before our eyes - on and on...

Reality - Most everything we have aspired to for security - everything we thought was totally safe - no longer is: our home / college / employment / government / retirement - it's all been crumbling. And sadly, in every part of society, the 'middleman' is being pushed out of the picture (no longer is someone coming to 'hire' you, or to invest in your company, or to provide you with job recognition, advancements, pay raises, stock options, pensions, or other group benefits, etc). And most government 'social programs' are now in grave jeapordy. Yes, times have changed, forever.

I have witnessed the high stress, frustration, discouragement - and pain - that many of my clients and associates have gone through, with the new uncertainties in their careers, their finances, and their lives.

Hope - Fortunately, new tools and economic forces have emerged to make it possible for individuals to become more empowered - to take back control. More and more opportunities are rising out of the ashes of the broken system to generate real inward success (greater personal happiness and health) - and outward success (more fulfilling purpose, work, and wealth).

But first, let's address yet another financial challenge that's been growing like a cancer:

Income Shortfalls?

Question - How much CAPITAL (money) do you think it would take to produce sufficient INCOME for your needs - either now, or later, or at retirement? The answer to this might shock you! Check these out => Click Here  => Here  => Here

Solutions - Please don't despair - there are ways to totally secure your financial future - at whatever income level you wish - and "without" your first needing to accumulate all of that money (after tax).

But, it might mean you will need to "reinvent" yourself to some extent. For starters, check out the following => Click Here -- and also see one of my eBooks (the 2 KEYS) => Click Here

Some Personal Thoughts...

Two of my greatest personal passions are - "natural wellness" - and "financial wellness".

Our TWO Greatest FEARS - According to a recent Harris Poll, the two things that tend to keep people "lying awake" at nights, worrying - more than anything else, are => their HEALTH and => their FINANCES. A close third would be => their RELATIONSHIPS.

Our PHYSICAL Wellness - Mary Ann and I both have an intense interest in, and seek ways for, achieving natural wellness, ideally through prevention and integrated, holistic medicine. We believe totally in the proven power of exercise, good nutrition and natural supplementation - as opposed to treating SICKNESS [from heavy over-medication] through expensive and often toxic DRUGS - with their 'inevitable' side effects. I reviewed a wonderful 'book' relating to this reality, by Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, over at (scroll down just a few from the top - "Death By Modern Medicine"). if you should care to read this review => Click Here

My wife and I both believe we can only achieve "complete" WELLNESS when our physical, emotional, spiritual and financial well-being are in 'harmony' - enabling us to achieve our life purposes ... wellness in mind, body, spirit and finances. We believe that vibrant health, financial abundance, time freedom and peace of mind - IN BALANCE - TOGETHER = our total WELL-BEING. See more about this => Click Here

Our FINANCIAL Wellness - Below, you'll find some more detailed comments regarding this.

Small Business Ownership

Given our present economic mess, many are searching for additional (and/or alternative) ways to add to their incomes and/or to secure their financial futures. They want more CONTROL - they want to increase their CASH FLOW - they want to find ways to save and build WEALTH, safely - they want to look forward to a secure and comfortable RETIREMENT. Tough goals.

First, there is no more powerful wealth creation metric, in the history of mankind, than a successful BUSINESS. Nothing - not personal real estate - not the stock market - not gold - silver - rare art - coins - stamp collections - vintage autos - family heirlooms - on and on.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP, with the right education, when done right - can change your future.

MULTIPLE Income Streams - Add to this - having only ONE income source leaves many far too vulnerable. SELF EMPLOYED professionals (such as health care professionals, and others) are in this classification. For entrepreneurs who seek real prosperity, 'asset balance' is a must. Having solid business revenues + the 'right' financial vehicles in place, is paramount.

More and more people are digging deep and searching for the right solutions.


Due Dilligence - Consequently, all the "money hustlers" have flooded the market with (so called) options - some are good - some are very bad.

Being able to properly "evaluate" the many different propositions that we are all "bombarded" with is very difficult for most people, as they don't have access to the right tools, data, etc.

Part of what I do for my clients and associates is help them conduct careful "due dilligence" on the business offerings / tax deals / investments / home businesses / limited partnerships / Internet businesses / joint ventures, etc, that they are continually exposed to.

In particular, here are some of the areas that people are working, or exploring...

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(1) Internet Marketing - Many people dream of creating a largely 'passive' income ONLINE, working from their own home, by starting their OWN ebusiness.

Options include: Information Products [i.e. eBooks, Videos, eCourses] / Blogging / Micro Niche Websites / Webinars / Amazon Kindle eBooks / Membership Sites / Apps / Article Marketing / Plugins / Software Products / Drop Shipping, etc. Many have already become very successful "entrepreneurs" by building Online businesses. It is not uncommon to see incomes of $5,000 - $10,000 - $25,000/month and much more, for those who have acquired the right knowledge and worked hard.

The Small Business industry (including the exploding 'home based' sector) has now become one of the hottest trends - especially for the huge baby-boomer market. And the power and leverage of the INTERNET has fuelled this, with more than $165 billion last year alone, in Online sales. With the proper research and planning, you can develop an Internet business where it is YOU that has full "ownership and controls" (extremely important!)

There are many outstanding resources, courses, ebooks, seminars and training programs available to help people get started, including outsourcing options. But unfortunately, many scams & schemes are out there too, targeting the innocent. And sadly, many will not apply themselves enough to acquire the marketing and technical skills necessary (even though these 'can' be learned).
My FREE eReports - To see more about Passive Income - ONLINE => Click Here => Here 

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(2) Network Marketing - Many people decide to pursue this option. As an entrepreneur myself, I have a long history with, and a high respect for the Network Marketing business model (even though, as mentioned earlier, I used to be one of its most "severe" critics). I guess you could say I'm now a part-time Inter-Network Marketer.

System - When Network Marketing it is a "good fit" for people - the results can be both positive and financially rewarding, over time - especially if there's a good Attraction Marketing System in place, to help leverage your results. The raw truth is that building a successful Online MLM business is difficult - it takes action, time, effort, patience, perseverance. Another reality is that most Network Marketing entrepreneurs have a pressing need for more leads, more cash flow, and more tools, training  support for their teams. And this is where the right (duplicatable) Online Attraction Marketing System can help you, on all counts. Such a System will brand "you" (and not the company or its products), because of your efforts, up front, give your prospects VALUE - to teach and educate them -and to help them solve their problems. This in turn, helps you build "trusting relationships" with prospects, prior to ever mentioning your business opportunity (which 90% are not interested in anyway). Fortunately, there are many excellent Attraction Marketing Systems to choose from, at low cost (or no cost), that can enhance your success.

Risks - However, Network Marketing is not perfect by any means (what industry is?). There are risks to be aware of, which need to be very carefully explained, and clearly understood. The biggest of these has to do with the issue of "control" (the lack of), as evidenced by the company Policies & Procedures (the lengthy Legal Agreement that Affiliates must agree to). Simply stated, Network Marketers do not "own" their own business, as usually advertised (the MLM company does).

Yes, they are classified in the P&Ps as Independent Contractors (ICs), but they're not IBOs (Independent Business Owners) - they are "sales reps" for the company's products & services. Period. Not that there is anything wrong with that - it's simply the reality. The "company" makes (and often changes) the rules regarding the compensation, products, etc, through their Policies & Procedures Agreement (so this binding legal document needs to be thoroughly reviewed). The company alsp own the "downline" that you (and your recruits) worked so hard to build.

Professional Association - I've been involved, part time, in Network Marketing for many years. I was also on the Board Of Directors of their (global) professional association for 4 years (the ANMP - Association of Network Marketing Professionals), representing Canada. That ANMP experience gave me a deep understanding of both the pros and cons of Network Marketing (more pros than cons). Here are some resources that might be useful to you...

10 STEP Acid Test - My FREE eReport - How to find the RIGHT MLM Company => Click Here

My FREE eReports - See 'Network Marketing - FULLY EXAMINED' ==> Click Here + Here

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(3) Affiliate Marketing - An alternative to a Network Marketing biz is to become an Affiliate for someone else's product or service, and receive a commission for all sales made because of your efforts. This is obviously easier (and much quicker) than creating your own product or service, and with companies like Clickbank, JVZoo and Nanacast, you do not need to worry about getting paid, customer service, refunds, etc.

As with Network Marketing, there will be those who "rise to the top" in Affiliate Marketing, and generate large incomes, but they are the few.

Risks - As an Affiliate Marketer, "you" do all the heavy lifting. You need to be aware first, that you are not in "control" of your business - the Master Affiliate is. For example, each customer you bring in belongs to the Master Affiliate - not you. So you are not building a "list" with an Affiliate biz. And what if the Master Affiliate decides to cut commissions - or to stop making the product or service available altogether?

Read this article by M.J. DeMarco, multi-millionaire entrepreneur and author => Click Here

As much as there are some advantages to Affiliate Marketing, these realities could make you vulnerable, financially. R ead these two articles by an Internet expert => Click Here + Here

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(4) eCommerce Marketing - The Internet expert I mention directly above is the highly respected Jim Cockrum, who encourages and promotes both eBay and Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) as being two of the best business models for generating a high income through eCommerce - especially Amazon - and yes, they can be.

In fact, some people are making $100,000/month++ on FBA, and/or with SOLO eCommerce Stores! There are ways that you can get set up in your own eCommerce business (FBA and/or Solo) with very little capital outlay, yet enjoy a very high potential ROI (Return On Investment).

eCommerce - See details on these two options for building a successful eBiz => Click Here

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eCommerce Potential - In 2013, eCommerce sales in the US alone, topped $231-billion ($75-billion of that was from Total US eCommerce sales are forcast at $262-billion for 2014 - and by 2017, growth is expected to hit $370-billion, which will still account for only 1/10th of all retail sales in the US (source:

As technology improves, and becomes more accessible, to more people - and mobile devices keep improving - eCommerce is only going to become more popular, and get easier for the masses - which in turn, will further drive growth.


ALERT- Before selecting any business model, one of the first (critical) steps should be to determine if it "measures up" to the five (5) KEY Wealth Metrics. See more => Click Here



Bottom Line - These are only a few of the options available for creating extra cash flow and building your financial future - each with its own pros & cons. But - the issues of having "true" ownership and control over your OWN business - are paramount.

Diversification is smart - do not have all of your eggs (income streams) in one basket.

Building WEALTH Safely
in This (Turbulent) 21st Century

Just "making ends meet" these days has become a monster challenge for many people - let alone, trying to increase net worth and build real wealth.

The economy is out of control [especially in the USA] - massive layoffs at every turn - the Wall Street casino is destroying a lot of people's retirement dreams, by a series of unrelenting "market crashes" - we're still seeing many home foreclosures - millions unemployed - millions that are living paycheck to paycheck - on and on. And Canada is so "tied" to the US economy, thus greatly impacted by this.

Yes, the ability to increase cash flow, grow net worth substantially, and build real WEALTH - safely (without the 'market' gyrations) - has become extremely difficult since the economic meltdown of 2008. Yes, the NEW global economy has given us a totally different world in which to survive, financially (let alone, thrive).

Solution? - However, there are ways that do work for gaining economic freedom. In addition to "owning and controlling your own business" (see above) - another way that is exceptional (in fact, quite remarkable, in my opinion) - is a financial pathway that very few people are even aware of. But...

Stuck in The PAST - Most of the 'traditional' methods for saving, investing and financing that have been taught (and sadly, are still being taught!) have either not worked, or are 'costing' you far too much money - period.

Steps to WEALTH - First, here's a Chart that gives an overview of 7 factors =>Click Here

In the Wealth Chart above, in addition to the significance of Factor #6 (own your OWN business) - I'd like to expand on Factor #7 - one of the most brilliant (yet little known) ways for you to build real WEALTH - regardless of where you are financially right now - regardless of economic forces at play:

BANKING Secrets - By implementing (little understood) concepts that are used by wealthly Commercial BANKS, you too, can build impressive financial ASSETS - safely - to help secure your own economic future - by becoming your OWN banker.

And you can accomplish this - without having to 'invest' a single dime (or come up with any 'new' money) - without having to work any harder than you do right now, and without having to work any longer than you are right now. Also, you can accomplish this - no matter how young, or old, you may be right now - and no matter how rich, or poor, you are right now.

What This is NOT - This is not some kind of a 'Get-Rich-Quick' deal - it is not about a Home Business opportunity, or a Franchise, or Network Marketing, Affiliate Markleting (as good as each of these are) - this is about truly securing (actually "guaranteeing") your own financial future, over time.

IBC (Infinite Banking Concept) - There are many outstanding books written about this idea (IBC - the Infinite Banking System), but the "bible" on this whole concept is an excellent book written by Austrian economist and coach, Nelson Nash, titled - "Becoming Your Own Banker".

-- If you'd like more info, you can visit 2 Web Pages I created about it => Click Here + Here

-- If you'd like to see my REVIEW of the IBC book, at (2nd one) ==> Click Here

-- If you'd like to check out an eBook that I wrote recently, that looks at this ==> Click Here

It is a priviledge to coach clients, encouraging them to become educated about IBC - setting up their own PBS (Private Banking System), and to guide them on how to best implement it, through those who specialize, with an holistic approach, in this unique area of finance.

So What is
the Ultimate PRIZE?
When you mix - entrepreneurship + true ownership of your OWN business + becoming your OWN banker + gaining correct financial education and wisdom + having a prosperity mindset, discipline, leadership skills & perserverence -- together with the right financial tools, and support => YOU will begin to increase your cash flow - expand your net worth - create real wealth - and move towards a happier, more fulfilled future, with total FREEDOM in your life. 
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Personal Roadmap to SUCCESS - An excellent CHART (to print off) for YOU => Click Here 
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