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Consultant in Prince Edward Island, Canada

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Welcome to this little Web Page (BIO)! The 'website' shown above is my 'Consulting' Site. Thanks for visiting.

We're in many global "CRISES" right now [COVID-19 + CLIMATE + +]. Please keep S-A-F-E!

PERSONAL - My family and I live in PEI, Canada - in a ROTATING Home, on the ocean, where I am a husband, father, brother, uncle, and proud grandad, of four. : >)

PROFESSIONAL - As a Natural Wellness Advocate, I know that our "health" is our most precious ASSET on planet earth. YES.

BUSINESS - I'm also a Business & Financial Consultant, a Certified Financial Coach, and the Founder of the Arcom Group.

My practice specialty has been mainly with Health Care Professionals [physicians, dentists, surgeons], and also with Entrepreneurs - helping ALL to - exit the rat race - improve their health - and secure their financial futures [in ways the majority of Financial Planners, and CPAs, do 'not' teach].

CONFESSION - As well, I 'was' involved [part time] in the MLM-Network Marketing industry, for 33 yrs - and I also served on the Board Of Directors of their professional association for [4] years, representing Canada [ANMP] -- until I found what I believe to be a superior, Home-Based Business model - as a Side eBiz [at least, for "me"].


PRIORITIES - Spiritual // Family // Health [vegetarian {starch-based :>) // Friends // Biz Associates // Clients.

LIKES - include good books, pizza [veggie], wine [red], chocolate [dark], coffee [dark roast], the "007" movies.

TRUST - When I ask someone to "trust" the integrity of some information I might share with them - why "should" they trust me? After all, they know very little about me - what kind of a person I really am - my 'full' background - my ethics - my principles - almost nothing.

It is my sincere hope that I may 'earn' your confidence.


I truly believe that one of the great missions of life is to 'achieve' the DREAMS that reside in our hearts - to fulfill our life's purpose - to leave a legacy that will make our world a better place - and to 'help others' do the same.

Please feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear from you!


Warmly / Peter A.

Peter Arnold, CLU, CFC, CNM

My Phone: (902)-734-2025 EST

My E-Mail: [email protected]




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